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"Slow~Wave" is a sophisticated miniature wellness appliance in the form of a pendant. The product is based on years of research in wellness and top-class sport. It couples earth-like magnetic fields and naturally occurring frequencies and transmits them gently to the body. Unlike with high-frequency ranges of, for example, technically generated electromagnetic waves, such as those used in cellular phone systems, we operate in extremely slow wavebands that occur in nature. This is how the name for our product, "Slow~Wave", came about..


Product details

The "Slow~Wave" wellness appliance is a miniature magnetic field and frequency device.
It has battery-operated electronics that emit magnetic fields, frequencies, and light with various spectra.

  • built-in Li-poly battery, 3.7 V, 200 mAh,
  • charging via wireless charging, compatible with Qi (WPC v1.2 Qi Industry Standard),
  • charging current approx. 40mA -> approx. 5h charging time with an empty battery
  • battery life approx. 500 full charge cycles
  • Display (red LED) when the battery is low
  • red flashing light between colour sequences,
  • 1 flash, then 2, etc. up to 5 flashes with increasing discharge, then the device goes into power-down mode
  • 3 intensities: approx. 800, 1600, 2000µT; each frequency change is selected randomly
  • Frequencies: 14 frequencies, 8 Hz - 528 Hz, which change at random. Light runs through different colour spectra once per minute, duration 11 s

"Slow~Wave" is not suitable for people/patients with:

  • cardiac pacemakers
  • epilepsy,
  • alcohol and medication abuse
  • pregnancy,
  • thyroid disorders
  • patients who take a lot of medications must first speak to their doctor since magnetic fields may cause more intensive absorption processes and thus increase the effects of medications
  • patients with schizophrenic or mental disorders that require treatment
  • insulin pumps (implanted)
  • metallic implants
  • untreated high blood pressure
  • severe cardiac rhythm disorders
  • inflammatory processes with fever.

Opinions of athletes

Eric Frenzel

Multiple Olympic champion, world champion, and overall world cup winner in Nordic combined.

...In Nordic combined, we complete highly specific training sessions. You need explosive power, muscle strength, and a high level of body awareness for ski jumping from the hill. In cross-country skiing, I need extreme endurance to compete against the world's best. Therefore, my successes are the result of intense training of body and mind. Sometimes, however, I feel that my muscles could be more resilient, even though they are not sore. I could use some help from doctors or therapists. Unfortunately, we often lack this help, for example, in regular training. That is why I am delighted with "Slow~Wave", which I call "my little therapist". It provides excellent neuromuscular support and is always available to me when I need it....

SchmerzreduktionPhotocredit: NordicFocus

Janine Kohlmann

Multiple World and European champion in the team in modern pentathlon

...The "Slow~Wave" magnet and frequency device does not have the same impact in all five disciplines. But when I run, my leg muscles feel more powerful. I am also noticeably better at fencing. The device has particularly beneficial effects on my relaxation after training. With the high workload I have, this is vital. I hope this positive trend continues ...


Clara Thieme

Vice world champion of junior kayak/canoe

...Astonishingly, such a small device as the "Slow~Wave" can provide tangible support with high training loads. I can achieve more vigorous paddle stroke and improved stroke rate in canoeing. That is very encouraging, and I’ll see where it takes me...


Slow~Wave in equestrian sports

Pferdesport Meinung

Katharina Grupen

In 2017, Katharina Grupen won team gold at the Junior European Championships in eventing

..."Slow~Wave" has become my daily companion. It makes me feel more mindful, focused, and fit. My sleep quality has also become much better. This not only makes me stronger, it also helps me bond with my horse...

Pferdesport Meinung

Slow~Wave for everyday life


University student, 21

..."Slow~Wave" helps me tremendously with my studies. Before I started carrying the little therapist, I had often suffered from a lack of motivation or energy. I’ve noticed that it improves my concentration. I am more productive, and I can say that Slow~Wave has helped me cope better with stress in my everyday life. Due to my studies, I needed to use a PC a lot, and this was causing recurring headaches. Since using Slow~Wave, I've noticed that my headaches have gotten better. I don't want to be without Slow~Wave in my daily routine! ...

Pferdesport Meinung

Melanie Wiesner, 45


...I've been self-employed for 20 years. I have two children (11 and 3 years old), and I work 45-55 hours a week. Most of the time, I felt stressed, annoyed, and trapped on a hamster wheel. Since I've been wearing the "Slow~Wave" device, I've been feeling much more balanced. I can finally be more active again. I feel I have had a good rest in the mornings and feel motivated. Personally, wearing "Slow~Wave" has given me my quality of life back...

Historical digression: the use of magnets in medicine and complementary/alternative medicine

Magnetic field therapy in the history of medicine

Historical testimonies (written sources and oral traditions) repeatedly mention specific stones with magnetic effects. The term "magnetite" was first coined in antiquity. However, magnetic stones have been found in earlier graves (e.g. graves of shamans and healers), proving they were used and appreciated even before antiquity.

Hippocrates (460-370 BC) used the power of magnetic stones to reduce pain and to heal. It is reported that he used compresses with magnetic powder to treat childlessness in women (Tuile, 1998)..

Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (Paracelsus). Wellcome V0004457

Magnetic field therapy to accelerate healing of broken bones

The traditions of advanced Native American civilisations of Toltecs, Incas and Aztecs mention magnetic minerals. Magnetites were also an integral part of medical therapy for the well-known German doctor and scientist Theophrastus Bombast von Hohenheim (known as Paracelsus). He believed that a magical, cosmic, and magnetic force had a healing effect on people. The magnet should be placed at the fracture to facilitate the healing of bone fractures. Modern medicine has also described this process of accelerated healing of fractures under the influence of magnetic fields (Becker, 1994).

Franz Anton Mesmer and the theory of animal magnetism

In the middle of the 18th century, Franz Anton Mesmer developed the theory of animal magnetism. He taught that a magnetic fluid circulating in harmony gives the body its life force. In 1780 he developed the first device for magnet therapy. He succeeded in treating patients with neurological disorders in particular (Hanusch, 2003).

Mesmeric therapy. Oil painting, 1778-1784 Wellcome L0014796

The impact of magnetic fields on our health

Magnetic treatment was used successfully until the beginning of the 20th century. Medical research and pharmacology became increasingly specialised thereafter, and the various fields separated (e.g. orthopaedics, surgery, neurology, etc.). This resulted in a rejection of magnetism. The science behind it was questioned. It was not until the mid-1970s that magnet therapy experienced an upturn. In particular, the research work in Japan, the former Soviet Union, and the US caused a brief, sustained boom. Mat systems, coils, and magnetic plasters were used more and more. Despite scientific successes, their use in clinical practice has not been accepted. The importance of magnetic fields for health, particularly the earth's magnetic field, was recognised in space research in the 1970s. The longer astronauts were in space, the more health problems they experienced. Only integrating a generator (Schumann generator) into the space capsule brought significant improvements in health for long-term astronauts (Ludwig, 1999).

Pole-changing magnetic fields for bone and joint complaints and in neurological diseases

In 1984, Andrew Bassett developed pulsed signal therapy in the US. The therapy introduces pole-changing electromagnetic fields with a specific pulse shape into the body. This method was particularly successful in treating bone and joint problems and neurological diseases. In the years that followed, many pulsed magnetic field devices were developed. Some of them are still on the market.

Magnetic field therapy is also used in veterinary medicine

Especially in veterinary medicine, where a placebo effect is hardly expected, many healing processes have been observed. There have been many successes in the treatment of noble horses in particular. Magnets in various designs have been used intensively at the world-famous Spanish Riding School in Hofburg, Vienna, for over 40 years.

About us

We'd like to introduce ourselves briefly and provide you with some facts. We have been investigating the effects of magnetic fields for over two decades. Several years ago, Otto Strempel developed the first magnetic field devices in the form of portable pendants with a noble design (made of silver, for example). Prof. Dieter Lazik, Dr. rer. nat. examined the effects of pole-changing magnetic fields on athletic performance while supervising a team of athletes. We got to know each other by exchanging experiences using magnetic field systems, and we started our first small-scale collaborative projects. In 2019 we joined our experiences. The result was the wooden version of the portable device we present here.

Otto Strempel

  • physiotherapist
  • "Hanne Marquardt foot reflexology" therapist
  • inventor and developer of various magnetic field devices

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dieter Lazik

  • PhD in sports biology
  • lecturer on health promotion
  • competitive sports supervisor
  • licensed non-medical practitioner
  • inventor and developer of new devices and processes in the fields of sport, medicine, and the environment


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